Business Association for Development through Disruptive Technologies.

We stand for helping businesses out to survive the upcoming wave of new technologies and remain future-proof.

We are a group of progressively thinking experienced professionals.

Our aim is to help businesses remain relevant by using new technologies.

Standing still is not an option anymore.

Business Consultancy

We provide advice for various branches of business on how to use the modern so-called "disruptive" technologies in order to stay sustainable on the market en omit being disrupted from newcomers.

Educational training

Our team can train business owners and company employees how to use the new technologies and so guarantee employability.

Remain relevant on the changing business landscape.

Underestimating the new wave of wealth transformation can be fatal. Your enterprise today may not exist tomorrow if you ignore the disruptive technologies. The digitizing and robotizing of our society leads to change. Our mission statement is "Help businesses remain relevant."